Since it was organized in 1938, the Waseca County Historical Society has worked to bring its residents and visitors a state of the art  presentation of its 160 years of historical highlights. With the support of local donors and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, there is now permanent balcony exhibits that are ADA compliant and accessible.

Each “Unique Stories from Waseca County” exhibit case tells of one unique and compelling story in a way that makes one want to learn more. And next door, in the National Register’s 1868 P.C. Bailey House, is the Bailey-Lewer Research Library. Waseca County is learning about itself, and cultivating more than corn and soybeans, it’s cultivating community pride.

Waseca Building


315 Second Avenue Northeast



Tuesday to Friday:

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Cultivating community pride

Stories are attached to artifacts but also to the natural resources exclusive to Waseca County. The area is graced with views of the Big Woods meeting the prairie, representing a dual treasure filled with stories of both the “memory towns” that vanished and the ones that sustained themselves and flourished.

Visitors collect stories about the influences important to forming Waseca County’s past—the location of the railroad, changes in technical agriculture, improvement of infrastructure and the determination of the community’s people to make the area a good place to live.

Come see firsthand how regional stories encourage the community’s interest in its past.